If you want to carve a new path in the media for yourself, your business, or both, Vicky represents a diverse clientele including Attorneys, Investment Bankers, Authors, Artists, Photographers,  Entrepreneurs, Casinos, Corporations, Fashion Designers, Restaurants, and Night Clubs. 

Below are some examples of how it's done!



Victoria Bracie

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Robert Corna -


Robert has worked alongside the likes of Mel Gibson, and Spike Lee on films such as, "Gangs of New York", "The Passion of the Christ", and HBO's "Rome".  He has directed documentaries "Tsunami: The Renewal", and "Tiny Tears".  Vicky promoted "Tiny Tears" which is an uplifting documentary that focusses on children around the world who are suffering from AIDs.

Nicole Andrews - Actress/Fashion Designer


Nicole Andrews is starring in the new horror film “Leatherface” to be released in US theaters on October 20, 2017.  The film which also stars Finn Jones, Lili Taylor, and Stephen Dorff,  is the origin story for the “Texas Chainsaw” franchise.  Nicole has appeared in numerous commercials, television shows and films including television shows as “How I Met Your Mother”, “$h*! My Dad Says”, and “Drake & Josh” and in movies such as “Lovelace”, “Homefront”, and “Grudge Match”.

Taking her classic beauty and talent to new endeavors, Nicole is also the designer and co-owner of the Nicole Andrews Collection, an upscale fashion apparel line.  The California-based brand takes its inspiration from the sunny West Coast lifestyle. Combined with Hollywood glamour, Nicole Andrews Collection is sexy, comfortable and chic. 



Dr. Evan Packer - Neurosurgeon

"There are fronts of neurosurgery and we do different things and some handle specialized problems.", said Dr. Evan Packer, managing partner of the Brain and Spine Center South Florida in Boca Raton.



Jessica Markowski -

Model - Actress

What really helped me the most was getting a good PR Agency behind you like mine–Vicky Press Publicity is key in this industry and, luckily, I have a team that helps me grow and grows with me.

 UNYQ - Peronalized

Prosthetics Company

Vicky combined the interests of two clients when they booked Alex Minsky in GQ magazine and successfully included UNYQ in the photoshoot and credits.

Jeff Wallner Producer

Jeff Wallner is a 17 year Wall Street veteran who took his passion for baseball coupled with his experience (building fighter jets for the Navy) to set his sights on launching a Hollywood film.  "The Navy's Cardinal" is a true story. An inspiration and motivational journey of a young mans dream that has been put on hold as he serves our country in the navy. There are many trails and tribulations as the years go by and eventually the protagonists passion and dream becomes reality.

Jeff's everyday exchanges are invariably polite, well-spoken, often displaying flashes of dry wit, rarely allowing himself to get annoyed or irritable. Unlike most of the new Hollywood producers, Wallner aspires to fulfill the dream of his very own passion; baseball.  Standing up to an the Hollywood system is exhilarating, and now he has a taste for the importance of apparel displayed within the film. 


 Chelsea Werner

World Champion Gymnast With Down Syndrome

Chelsea Werner is a 4-time Special Olympics National Gymnastics Champion and 2-time Down Syndrome International World Gymnastics Champion.  Her athletic achievements are an inspiration to all and especially to the millions of people who continue to pursue their dreams despite unique obstacles or disabilities.etters, that works well on almost every site.  After appearing on NBC's Today Show, Chelsea’s career skyrocketed.  H&M offered her a spot in their campaign featuring athletes who overcame obstacles for a new athletic line to be released during the Rio Olympics.  The commercial now has over 2 million views on youtube!  In 2016 and 2917, Chelsea was invited to walk the runways in New York Fashion Week for top designers.

Dane Johnson - Model/Actor/Healer


Dane Johnson is an International Model, Public Speaker and Naturopath Practitioner showcased in television and film such as his lead role in Fortune Cookie & The Studio Club. He's known for his successful career within the modeling industry working for leading brands such as GAP, Men’sHealth/Men’sFitness, Tommy Hilfiger, Nautica, and GANT.  After nearly losing his life to Crohn's Disease; he has completely reversed his own life along with 1000’s of others through his propriety healing program – S.H.I.E.L.D.



Alex Minsky
Chelsea Werner

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